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I empower women who are overwhelmed by the pain of the world to connect with continuous peace so deep, so vast, so wide that they can live in grace and ease AND make the impact on the world they know they are here to make.

If I could give the world a gift it would be the ability to let go. Let go of the fight, let go of the pain, let go of the struggle. To luxuriate in the very deepest truth:

You don’t need to be fixed, you don’t even need to be better, you simply don’t neeeed any more…

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You’re extraordinarily busy. I get it. I feel your passion to Be, Do, and Create in this world. You’re not a seat-warmer, you are the one who steps forward and says “Yes!” In doing so, you’ve felt both the power and the pain. Maybe you’ve stepped out in passion and got brutality knocked down. Your heart burns with desire, but sometimes you feel all alone in it. Your spiritual path has taken you far, and now it’s time to give back.

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My Backstory

A little about my journey: having been guided by angels since I was a child, it seems I was born to work in Spirit and Energy.

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My Tribe

I’m passionate about helping bridge spirituality with conscious action. Also keeping it real and embracing the delight of life.

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My Services

Tuning into your specific energetic field, I find what’s holding you back and set you on a path to Aaahhhh….

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My Products

Guided Meditative Energetic Transmissions. Choose a topic that resonates to release places that have you stuck or confused.

You ARE. You are magnificent. You are a perfect Being. You are whole.

What if we could all really see ourselves this way? The truth that’s beyond this day-to-day reality that we’ve created.

Let me ask you something:

Do you believe you are a spiritual being having a human experience?

Do you believe that spirit is free?

Then you must accept that YOU ARE FREE!

If you are free, you no longer need accept the smallness that this experiment called humanity has created.

How would you like to resonate in the infinite?

I am here to hold out a vibration, hold out a hand, and help usher in this experience of Oneness with all.

What if we – as visionaries, peacemakers, mamas, lovers, healers and activists could hold such a deep sense of Being that we were able to remain in truth and peace no matter what life throws us?

If the Souls of Service stood in their true radiance, do you think the world could change with more grace and ease?

I say YES!

Thoughts from Cheryl…

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