A day that will go down in infamy

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A day that will go down in infamy

November 9th 2016
A day that will go down in infamy…
I don’t even know what to say. I’m in shock. I am stopped dead in my tracks.
How could this really happen? How could we the people elect a reality tv star into the most respected position in the country?
I’ve gone from disbelief to anger to fear to tears for the children. #whatarewegoingtotellourkidsnow
I’ve thought, “Now this will tear off the band aid, let the games begin!” to the hardest one, “I didn’t trust Hilary, either.”
I am stunned. The macrocosm of the world and the microcosm of my life all reflecting and reflected in this election.
In the microcosm of my life I have the same struggle. I want to fight every piece of what is right now.
It looks like humanity itself is on this same precipice. We as a species are on the edge of a cliff, not knowing where to turn, what to do.
In my personal life and now this political era, I’m struggling with what to do, how to respond in my heart, to my daughter, to my friends around the world, to the politics and to the future itself.
Wisdom says release the fight. Stop fighting that which you perceive is fighting you. And WHAT IS MY OTHER OPTION? Numb out? Stop the pain? Hide? Fight…Flight…or Faint. THAT’S BEEN PROGRAMED INTO OUR DNA! It’s in our lizard brains…what else do we do?
I try to find the good and it feels false. I turn to my breath and it’s nowhere to be found. I try to find the love but love feels weak, milktoast and it gets sopped up by the ugly monster of fury. Fury feels strong. Powerful. Hopeful. We, of the fight, flight or faint have been raised on the Hero; the powerful superman, able to scale a building in single bound, able to beat the villain with a single blow, able to save us from all that we fear. We live for victims and villains and superheroes. We, of the fight, flight, or faint were bred, born and weaned on such stories. It’s the myths of nations from ancient Greece to the current state of war in this world.
How is it, in this strange world of superheroes and villains will the meek inherit the earth? How will kindness overcome? At my very best, if I overcome and find kindness and love…what do I do afterwards? Sit quietly in this love in Rapunzel’s tower while the wars being? How can I stand up and be seen? That takes courage; strength upon strength to be fully engaged in this world. To be seen. To stand up for what you stand for.
Where in my body is courage without fight? Where in my soul is strength without resistance?
The image I see is of taking your hand. Of feeling your love and strength course through my body and together we are stronger and our love more full. And as we take hands, perhaps we can find courage without fight, strength without resistance…and perhaps this is the Love that’s the stuff of myth and legend. Perhaps this is the kindness that will undo hate. Perhaps if we love with as much ferocity, if we breathe deeply as one, if we take hands and rely on the energy of many standing as one will we be the heroes we’ve been waiting for all along.

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