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cheryl-park-3The Back Story…

I’ve had a life long journey in healing, intuitive work, self-help, and the metaphysical. When I was 14, my mom drove me to my first group channeling session. One of my first jobs at age 17 was to assist an Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor to make Bach Flower remedies. I studied at Boulder’s College of Metaphysics, and in other modalities including Pranic Healing with Master Stephan Co and Aura Reading with Barbara Martin. I’ve trained in Energy Psychology and EnWaken Energy Coaching. I’m also certified Parent Educator with Echo Parenting and Education which gave me a foundation in non-violent communication, brain development and the somatic experience.

I’ve also been a perpetual servant for social change. I’ve worked for non-profits, in area shelters, served as a board member for the Ivory Coast Medical Relief Team and find myself as a continual advocate for change within my communities. Currently I volunteer with Humanity’s Team and the Evolution Revolution.

I have an interdisciplinary bachelor of arts in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior, master’s work in Cross Cultural Communication, International Development and Spiritual Psychology, and over a decade of work in Biblical studies.

As of today, I’ve assisted and been witness to hundreds of people who have shifted life-long patterns and transformed their lives. I am passionate about giving people the resources and support to heal and live personally fulfilling lives.

My mission is to empower women who are overwhelmed by the pain of the world to connect with continuous peace so deep and so vast that they can live in grace and ease AND make the impact on the world they know they are here to make.

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