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Do you think we are a culture so afraid of Being that we create rules for every single eventuality? I have a lot to say about this...so let me set the stage. I've been frustrated navigating my 5 year old daughter’s new life as an elementary school student. Uniforms, homework, handbooks, fundraising, schedules, policies and [...]

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I’m Buying My Husband a Harley

Anyone who knows me knows that is a hard won decision for me. When I met my husband (then the guy who ran the Café next to my first apartment in LA), he had just bought a Harley Davidson Sportster. He would rumble that bad boy in the mornings to let me know he was [...]

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God and My Daughter

My daughter came home one day and I could tell something was a bit off.  She was quiet yet agitated, asking me unending questions as she does when she’s nervous.  Asking me for the 3rd time if eyes could spontaneously pop out, I said no, that usually doesn't happen. She burst into tears and confessed it [...]

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That's my husband's term he uses for me. He used to run a cafe and made Korean style Americanos. Although I'm White and was born and raised in the US, I've become half American, half Korean.  I enjoy the compliment. Yesterday, we spent the day at a Korean spa...I'm telling you now, if you've ever wanted to go [...]

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Sharing thoughts, ideas, and life…

  As I work to get my blog up and running, I had it on my long list of things to do to add some posts.  I wanted to share thoughts, ideas, and life... And then, the tragedy in Connecticut compelled me.  The truth is I cannot not open my mouth at this time.  Many people have [...]

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