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Fierce Love

I said earlier I’m looking for the next way, the 4th way, the way of evolution beyond fight, flight, freeze. I’m receiving glimpses of Truth beyond this earthly struggle. It passes in and out of my awareness like clouds in the breeze. Forming and reforming before my eyes…and I can never seem to grasp hold [...]

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January 19th, 2017. Dark and heavy clouds are rolling in this morning. An unusual event for Southern California. It fits the climate. Darkness rolling in. Most of us feel it are astounded and bewildered by it. CNN is airing a show documenting the last days of the Obama administration entitled: THE END of the Obama [...]

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The Road Less Travelled

I have a confession to make. For most of my life, even in the face of the greatest glory or breathtaking beauty I’ve had this nagging thought; “Is this all there is?” It’s all very nice here on this planet if you squint real hard and overlook a lot, but how can people be so [...]

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Pain is the Perfect Catalyst

I was given a lovely analogy yesterday when I burned my thumb on the back of the toaster oven. It was only there for a second and wham! Ouch! I am grateful that the pain motivated me to move my thumb in a split second or the burn would not have been minor. Pain is [...]

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A day that will go down in infamy

November 9th 2016 A day that will go down in infamy… I don’t even know what to say. I’m in shock. I am stopped dead in my tracks. How could this really happen? How could we the people elect a reality tv star into the most respected position in the country? I’ve gone from disbelief [...]

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The Goodness in Bad

  So I’ve found myself in a bad bad situation. One that I despise. One that makes me angry every single day…over and over and over. Sometimes it feels like my mood simply cannot remain un-angry for more than a couple hours. I AM MAD. PISSED. ANGRY. FRUSTRATED. And rather than searching for more mad [...]

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