Can Changing Preschools be a Spiritual Practice?

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Can Changing Preschools be a Spiritual Practice?

Last month I got an intuition ‘hit’ to move my daughter to a different preschool. It happened before I knew the circumstances that would demand it. I knew where I wanted to take her. It cost…well as my brother put it: “more than his mortgage.” And it made no logical sense as I had been working for a long time to build a community of parents who I loved and loved me and my daughter. Why on earth should I leave? Was I sabotaging myself? When I looked inside, it felt right. So I did…and I did it faaaassst! Perhaps the universe knew I wouldn’t have the guts to make the change if I had a moment to think about it. So in the busiest and taxing month I had in a long time, I got the call that she was accepted into the new preschool and could start in 3 weeks! I was overjoyed by the universe answering me with such quickness…and I tried not to panic… I had to tell the preschool that I loved (and my daughter loved) goodbye, I had to prepare everything, including the large down payment that I didn’t have, and JUMP SHIP! I felt like my leap of faith turned into a 100,000 feet free fall! I kept waiting to see the path (remember that Indiana Jones movie that had the step of faith? I kept looking and kept failing to find the next step!).

Fast forward a month and my daughter LOVES her new school. The transition seems to be suiting her very well. The very large deposit and tuition is paid, and I absolutely adore the owner of the school. We are bonding like a couple of little girls at summer camp!

Sounds easy and graceful right? HA! It was one of the most spiritually intense months of my life!

I’m going to try to break down the lessons over the next few blogs, just to try to shine even more light on what happened. I know this for sure:

Trials are not simply irritations or ‘proof’ that we are not doing Law of Attraction right. Life is given to us; as Michael Beckwith says: “because God does not want us to miss a thing!” God and the universe want us to grow and learn and polish every single facet of our brilliance so we shine as dazzlingly as the truth of who we are!

Stay tuned!

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