Pain is the Perfect Catalyst

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Pain is the Perfect Catalyst

I was given a lovely analogy yesterday when I burned my thumb on the back of the toaster oven. It was only there for a second and wham! Ouch! I am grateful that the pain motivated me to move my thumb in a split second or the burn would not have been minor. Pain is a powerful motivator.
This is sorta hard for me to admit out loud because in my heart of hearts I truly want to actualize a Care Bears world. Secretly, under my wit and sarcasm, I envision a world without pain. Where we all win, everybody loves each other, mistakes are seen with humility and everyone chips in to help right the wrong…Care Bears.
I was taking to a friend about the election and I voiced that pain is a great catalyst. And suddenly inspiration got aroused in me. I actually believed what I was saying!
I see all the pain, confusion and sorrow flowing through social media, mainstream media and down the streets of town as people march and make their voices and hearts heard. I have looked into people’s eyes more, liked, loved, and cried more on Facebook, viewed the world more closely these past 2 days. I’m moved by the shock, sorrow and support from the whole world and I’m remembering the horrific first days after 911. While it wouldn’t be just to compare the two situations, I can’t help but notice the similar human outpouring. And again…inspiration is aroused. Could it be that beneath this seemingly unfathomable election of a misogynistic, racist, egocentric person could be a catalyst for actual evolutionary transformation? Could we, as a people, unite and in our pain and horror to create something different? Could we find courage without the fight? Strength without resistance? Could we begin to respond to situations and choose not to fight or flee? Could we literally EVOLVE?
Much of the outpouring are questions: what do I do now? What do I tell my kids? How do I want to respond to life, the U.S., the government, to the supporters of the president elect? What do I do??? I see many gathering their loved ones, having brilliant talks with their kids, coming together as a group, doing their spiritual practice…making life significant again. I think that’s the key. I’m actually finding gratitude in this turn of events. Again, even voicing that sounds crass, but I’ve contemplated action, change, violence, terrorism and the one thing that ALWAYS propels action is pain. People wonder how ISIS gets money and followers but humanitarian groups lack? Pain. Real pain motivates us. Sometimes it has to be more than empathy. How many times have you seen a homeless person and passed by? How many commercials for Save the Children have you watched? How disgusted were we during the whole election season? Witnessing the pain of others is one thing…but actually feeling the pain of our collective choices and real fear for our actual way of life? That’s motivating.
Before I get distracted by the next round of cute puppy videos (although cute puppy videos can be self-care on the deepest level), before the holiday season starts and I get caught up in the whirlwind of life I want to continue the conversation, continue to gather, hold space, create a place for communion. Not a place of fighting against (although all emotions are welcome) but a place of conversation, contemplation, of wondering into action.
Can we find courage to stand up without fighting? Can we flex our strength without resistance? Can we evolve our lizard brains? Give me the fourth option!!! Fight, flight, freeze or_______? Let’s fill in the blank!!

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