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Healing the Healer


90 minute Energetic Transmission Audio Product

Calling all healers, yogis, creatives and visionaries! You know you have a deeper purpose on this planet.  If you make a career out of it or simply strive to live in service to this earth, this audio workshop is for you.  It’s a chance to take a breath, recalibrate, realign and reawaken your deepest self.

Through guided connection to the highest consciousness possible you will re-experience living in the freedom of your Divinity. Healing occurs on emotional, physical, etheric levels as you are taken to the place in Consciousness where you gracefully embody your highest self – the One already standing in perfection.  You will also play with energy work and movement to release density and fell fully embodied. Give yourself the gift of self-care, healing, realignment and general yumminess.



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