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Focused Support
Blast through a specific challenge
Rapid, focused clarity
For quick emotional, mental, or energetic transformation
3 laser-coaching sessions in 1 month
Text and email support
Schedule Complimentary Session
Create Brilliance
For those who desire massive shifts
Achieve more joy, love and balance
Deep-dive into Consciousness
Tangible, solid support
Creates long-lasting change
Private instruction and coaching
9 sessions of support over 3 months
Email, phone, and text support during your transformation
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Evolutionary Self-Mastery
For radical, sustained transformation
Prepare your mind, body and spirit for your life’s mission
Complete support as you step fully into your mission
Half day private session plus 3 months of full support
9 sessions of support over 3 months
Email, phone, and text support during your transformation
‘Emergency’ sessions throughout when extra support is desired
Schedule Complimentary Session
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Complimentary Discovery Session

This session is all about you. What do you value? Are you clear about your purpose? What’s your deepest desire? What do you feel is holding you back? Together we can explore these things and use our collective intuition to create an action plan that will propel you forward in your highest good.

Cheryl Park Radiant You

Radiant You! Focused Support

This is for you if you have a specific block that seems to be holding you back from your goal or desire. You want rapid, focused clarity and you are ready to shine. Example: you have a big presentation in a month. You are ready to face and clear all the emotional and mental (read energetic) obstacles so you can present with confidence and clarity.


1 month: 3 focused sessions and email/text support for whole month.

Weekly focused sessions during week 1, 2, and 3. Throughout week 4 you will get email and text support as you fully complete your integration and apply what you’ve learned to your world.

Cheryl Park create brilliance

Create Brilliance! I Commit to Calling in My Self

This is for you if you are ready for a deep-dive into Consciousness that will propel you into your heart’s Sacred Service. You will receive tangible, solid support that translates into lifelong transformation. We can transmute limiting beliefs, self-judgments, insecurities, and all those nagging issues that you’ve worked on forever, are sure you know how to change, but can’t seem to release for good on your own.

3 months: 9 sessions

Three months of energetic support including: private instruction, email, phone and text support, as you go through spiritual/energetic evolution, transitions and challenges during this massively transformative time.

This package is best for those who are

  • Ready to take spirituality/consciousness to the next level and looking for an expert guide.
  • Having trouble balancing work, meaning, fulfillment and fun.
  • Getting caught up in the drama of life, and wish to be more centered in joy.
  • Desire to shake things up in life, to shine brighter, to live more fully.
  • Want to finally release self-judgment and self-criticism.
Cheryl Parks evolutionary self mastery

Radiant You! Evolutionary Self-Mastery for the New Era (The VIP Treatment)

Do you have an inner knowing that you’re here on earth for a tremendous reason? You’re ready for radical and sustained transformation with deep, personal support during this life altering journey. Together we will use our collective divinity, wisdom and intuition to chart your Soul’s course and prepare your mind, body and spirit to receive the blessing of walking in the Divinity that You are. The profound purpose of this experience is to release all un-serving spiritual and self-help paradigms of “learning by contemplation” and to actively engage in the Radiance you are truly meant to live on this planet!

Half-Day private session plus 3 months of full support:

Half-Day: We will begin with deep, delicious, grounding inner work as you receive personal connection to Divinity and experience and integrate living as a divine soul having a human experience. Then we will create a plan to incorporate it into a day to day experience by co-creating a Personalized Evolutionary Self-Mastery Plan to propel you into living and having your Being in the grace, ease and inner power you desire.

Following the half-day you will have nine private weekly sessions you also receive access to my instruction and support via email/call/text. During this time you will implement your Personalized Evolutionary Self-Mastery Plan. These are specific action steps, co-created by you and me to literally guarantee your transformation.