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Reesa-DonnellyWorking with Cheryl has been amazing. The energy work that she is doing is unlike anything I have experienced before. She’s working on a level that integrates so much – it’s about more than just body sensations or just consciousness, you can tell that something is happening on a very deep transformational level. I’m a therapist and I’ve been trained in another energy modality – and this really encompasses thoughts, bodily energy, and feelings. She does an amazing job helping one become in touch with deepest self, or oneness. It’s transformative in the whole way of processing life.

Reesa Donnelly, Ph.D.Licensed Psychologist

stephanie wCheryl is an amazing, intuitive energy worker.  She was very insightful into helping me resolve some issues that had been causing me stress and problems for a while.  She is an incredible listener and helped me to get clearer in creating more of what I want in life and less of what I don’t want.  If you are feeling stuck and not sure where to turn, contact Cheryl.  She will point you in a new direction and you will feel supported, uplifted, and clearer after speaking with her.

Stephanie Wiltgen, RN

Just had an amazing session with Cheryl Park! Wow. She has an amazing guided meditation and her intuitive sense of just where I had left off pieces of myself really helped me bring myself back into alignment with ALL of me. I love playing in big being and go to expanded space so very easily, but usually try to forget that I have a body. No wonder it has had to go to pain or illness periodically to remind me that it’s here! Cheryl helped me recognize that tendency and reconnect body and being…My body and being both thank you infinitely for that gift, Cheryl. So much gratitude…love you!!!!!

Sara L. Daigle, Author

Thank you Cheryl Park for a wonderful, heart expanding session! An amazingly fun, vivid, easy guided tour re-connecting the pieces and bringing peaceful clarity back to the whole. I venture to say you can read hearts. Grateful to you for sharing your gifts!

Deirdre Catlin, Pilot and Angelic Reiki Master

Yes! Such a gratitude to Cheryl for being my guide on a journey of the soul! In our session I got to experience and “get it” by heart the things I knew and read and agreed on with my mind, but have not felt and experienced by my heart. I had such amazing visions! Cheryl’s sweet voice and gentle, nourishing energy made it such a pleasant and easy “trip” 🙂 Thank you! XOX

Natalia Brodofsky

Thank you Cheryl for the gift of compassion for myself, for bringing me back to self-love, you are the gift.

Diana Press

Many, many thanks, Cheryl Park, for the wonderful session last night. I am filled with happiness, despite being sick. I have the vision of a whole new world, my heart is singing and I am shining. I love where I am and through you my knowings have become so much stronger and more developed. You make it all so simple and I love that. Love you, Cheryl.

Hilary Stocker

adelaidaCheeeeeeeryyyyyl awe! That was fantastic with you today!!! I have seen, stepping into, experiencing, and being MY Garden of Eden!!!!

Adelaida Ravinsky, Intuitive Healer & Consciousness Explorer

Infinite Thanks to Cheryl for the amazing gift of a session with her, so so supportive of being and sharing my Heaven on Earth .. Being a Scared Vessel .. Arohanui.

Sapphire Rose Kaahu

I have had a couple of orgasms since our call! I asked my partner if he noticed any changes, and he said he thinks I’ve been more loving. I feel softer around the edges. I’ve experienced floods of loving that have brought tears to my eyes. Also my bladder infection feelings went away and my skin rash is disappearing. Pretty amazing eh? YOU ROCK! THANK YOU!

Client wished to be anonymous

Wanted to tell you I moved that virus SO quickly. That was so incredible what we did together. You are amazing! Thank you again so much.