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visionaries-toolkit-photoMake a Difference in the World Without Sacrificing your Soul

“Spirituality cannot exist in a vacuum, ignoring social conditions or the plight of humanity; and activism cannot hope to transform the social order in the absence of mature spiritual development. Both must grow beyond any form of privileged exclusivity. In fact, they each must embrace a reality that joins them in service to individual and collective liberation.”

James O’Dea from “The Conscious Activist

You’re extraordinarily busy. I get it. I feel your passion to Be, Do, and Create in this world. You’re not a seat-warmer, you are the one who steps forward and says “Yes!” In doing so, you’ve felt both the power and the pain. Maybe you’ve stepped out in passion and got brutality knocked down. Your heart burns with desire, but sometimes you feel all alone in it. Your spiritual path has taken you far, and now it’s time to give back.

That is why I’ve prepared this complementary Visionaries Toolkit email series with topics including:

  • Lessons in Playing Full-on – Within the World not Against it
  • Making Difficult Choices with Grace and Ease
  • Can Spirituality Change the World?

visionaries-toolkit-worldI have a question for you, dear one. What if feeling more love, laughing more, and playing more are keys to making the impact you know you’re on this planet to make? Spoiler alert: I say yes, love, joy and play are the most important things all of us can do right now in this amazing time on earth.

Join me over the next week or so, in this exploration as you receive my email series. It provides a deep reflection on each topic and a downloadable audio with a specific tool (meditation, reflective process or outward action) you can use every day to create a more balanced, joy-filled life, even as you step more fully into your sacred service.

This is for you if:

  • You know you are a passionate visionary, but the pain and suffering in the world overwhelms you at times.
  • You work to make a difference and it has taken its toll on you. You are ready for more joy. More Ease.
  • You struggle to make sense of your spiritual journey and the desire to serve.
  • You see yourself as a visionary, a change maker but wonder if you can handle the sacrifice.
  • You experience intense ups and downs on the path and long for lasting change.

Enter your email here and you’re on the road to creating balance between the fire of service and the serenity of meditative practice.