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I love working with women who are ready to bridge their spirituality with conscious action. My clients share my passion for raising the collective consciousness to make a huge difference in the world.

cheryl parkThese visionaries are:

  • Conscious Activists
  • Peace Makers
  • Karma Yogis
  • Community Builders
  • Change Agents
  • Creatives
  • Those ready to unleash their Soul’s Calling

Within a career, a family or community, they are willing to get involved and get messy to bring their unique vision to life. The fact is we are all being called to leadership at this time in history. Leadership looks like many things; from raising conscious children to stopping war and terrorism…and everything in between. One thing’s for sure my clients are ready for a deep-dive into consciousness that will propel them into the action of Sacred Service.

cheryl-park-who-work-with-01During our time together my clients:

  • Get clear on deepest values and purpose while allowing inmost desires to blossom
  • Distinctly see what’s holding them back from living a life of vibrant purpose in joy
  • Explore the Collective Intuition to energetically clear emotional and mental obstacles
  • Create an action plan to propel them forward in their highest good
  • Receive tangible, solid support that translates into lifelong transformation

I’m not your typical Coach or Energy Worker:

I’ve bridged my passion to serve the world with my unique intuitive gifts and ability to actually see how the collective energy is serving or hindering people. I’m able to take people deep into consciousness and bring the messages back to be used in daily life so they are able to work and play joyfully in the world without constant struggle and overwhelm. They are able to straddle Consciousness and Reality with ease and magic!

cheryl-park-who-work-with-03After our work together clients have experienced:

  • Awakening consciousness and direct connection to Source
  • Ability to use and follow intuition
  • Feeling truly safe and confident in the world, no matter the outward circumstances
  • The ability to express their deepest, most authentic self to the world
  • Awakening sexual feelings and desires
  • A sense of expansiveness, joy, freedom, clarity, groundedness, relaxation and infinite possibility
  • Genuine love and appreciation for self

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